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Freelance work without CoC!

Working as a freelancer has never been easier! Whether you work for one or more clients. Send an invoice to your client (s) for your work via your account on and take control of your income! We remunerate you the way you want and offer your client the assurance that everything is settled and DBA proof!

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At you have control over your income. Enter the gross rate that you want to invoice for your work and see immediately what you receive net without any surprises afterwards. Of course, you do not have to pay taxes on expenses and reservations can be paid at any time.

Then choose the certainty that suits you and, if desired, build up your pension through Bright Pension and / or cover illness and incapacity for work with the push of a button. At the end of the year you will receive a clear annual statement from us.

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  • Icon groen check No KvK registration needed
  • Icon groen check Highest net payout guaranteed
  • Icon groen check Certainty thanks to the G account
  • Icon groen check Certainty thanks to our model agreement
  • Icon groen check DBA-proof
  • Icon groen check Payment within 2 days
  • Icon groen check Determine your preferred remuneration conditions

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