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Certainty and security

Working with a model agreement provides certainty with regard to the DBA act provides certainty by letting freelancers and clients work with our model agreements. We give freelancers and clients the chance to record all mutual agreements made, thus providing certainty to both parties. The model agreements are based on the DBA Act. On 6 October 2016, the Dutch Tax and Customs administration confirmed that this does not amount to a commission agreement, which is made when a self-employed employed professional independently accepts a commission from a client (KvK). The DBA Act doesn’t apply to our services, so there’s no need to worry about it. Of course, we want our model agreements to clearly state that is the party sending the invoice, thus committing ourselves to paying all taxes and premiums. All contracts can be set up and signed digitally.

Certainty with regard to payments to the Dutch Tax and Customs administration thanks to the G account

We don’t just use the model agreement to ensure that all payments to the Dutch Tax and Customs administration are made properly, as we also work with a G account to provide extra certainty. When paying an invoice, clients can choose to transfer 35% of the invoice amount to our G account. This is a frozen account that can only be used to make payments to the Dutch Tax and Customs administration. For the utmost stability and security, we recommend using our model agreements, which record all agreements made. For contracts that have been formalised in advance, we guarantee that we will take care of all process risks, interest payments and/or fines in the unlikely event that the client should be held liable by the Tax and Customs administration or the UWV.

We also regularly request a Payment History Declaration from the Tax and Customs administration.

PII privacy uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that all your personal information is safe with us. We provide our services via an encrypted connection. When signing up for the service, we will establish and verify your identity via iDIN. By agreeing to have your bank share your personal information with us, we can be sure that you are who you say you are (Dutch bank account numbers only).

We comply with the standards set by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, with whom we are registered as a processor of personal data through our sister company Loonloon B.V. (number M1400816). We also have our website screened and tested for security breaches regularly by Threadstone Security. The registration process and the website’s sign-in environment are HTTPS secured, guaranteeing that data transfer between your computer and our server is just as secure as data transfer between you and your bank. We handle your personal information as securely as possible and will only share information with you. We do not share information with third parties unless this is required by law or if you explicitly request us to do so.

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