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Working with freelancers via

Working with freelancers affords clients a lot of flexibility. It can also come with certain risks, however, as you can’t always be sure about the actual nature of the employment relationship, whether it complies with the DBA Act, and whether all payments are made properly. Many freelancers also miss a sense of stability and security that can be hard to come by.

By recommending that your freelancers work with, you can safeguard flexibility whilst ensuring that all risks are covered. We put freelancers on our payroll and invoice you for their services. Together with the freelancer, you can stipulate certain commission terms in our model agreement, which means you’ll have a 100% guarantee that all required payments are made. The freelancer can pick the type of security or insurance that fits them best. Once you have paid the invoice, we will handle the rest of the payment process based on the freelancer’s preferences, while you pay a fixed all-in rate for the freelancer’s services.

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