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Freelancer without KvK registration

Looking to register with the KvK because you want to start freelancing? There’s no need! With :host-name everyone can work as a freelancer, entrepreneur or self-employed professional without a KvK registration. When you register for a free account at :host-name, we’ll add you to our payroll as a freelancer. Work on jobs whenever you want, for whomever you want, and make invoicing a piece of cake. By choosing to be remunerated via :host-name, you won’t have to stay up to date with the complicated administrative side of things and with changing rules and regulations. This lets you focus all your attention on what you do best; being an entrepreneur.

Freelancing without the fuss through :host-name

When you register for a free :host-name account, you can also indicate your preferred remuneration conditions, which lets you plan for future security and stability by saving up for holiday pay and your pension. With this system, you’ll be able to see your net take-home pay straight away. With your personal account for our portal, you can record all agreements made with your clients in a model agreement and send your invoices when you’re done with a job. We’ll take care of the administrative and legal side of things. After the client pays your invoice, we’ll transfer the net amount to your account within 2 working days. You’ll receive a clear and organised paycheck from us every month, as well as an annual tax summary at the end of the year.

Benefits for freelancers

  • Icoon groen check Create and manage simple ZZP contracts yourself
  • Icoon groen check Freelancer without KvK registration
  • Icoon groen check Pick your preferred remuneration conditions
  • Icoon groen check All legal aspects are taken care of; contracts, taxes, and mandatory premiums
  • Icoon groen check All administrative aspects are taken care of; invoicing, expense claims, payment
  • Icoon groen check Paid within 2 working days

Easy online registration

In 2 minutes


Send your invoices to your customer

Via our portal


You’ll receive your money after the invoice has been paid

Within 2 working days

Choose what suits you

At you have control over your income. Enter the gross rate that you want to invoice for your work and see immediately what you receive net without any surprises afterwards. Of course, you do not have to pay taxes on expenses and reservations can be paid at any time.

Then choose the certainty that suits you and, if desired, build up your pension through Bright Pension and / or cover illness and incapacity for work with the push of a button. At the end of the year you will receive a clear annual statement from us.

Interested in fuss-free invoicing?

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