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Working as a freelancer

The current labour market demands more and more flexibility from its employees. An increasing proportion of the workforce has started working as a freelancer/self-employed professional with a KvK registration. This type of labour offers a lot of flexibility, but it is often lacking in terms of security and stability, and does not always apply with new rules and regulations, such as the DBA Act. By having handle your remuneration, you can enjoy the best of both worlds; the freedom and flexibility to work for whomever you want, and the stability and certainty provided by remuneration conditions suited to your needs.

Signing up for is very easy: it only takes five minutes. During registration, you can indicate how you’d like to be remunerated by Simply use our user-friendly remuneration conditions module to find out what net amount you’ll receive. You can also go to your account page to adjust these conditions at a later stage. In accordance with the arrangements made with your client, you simply invoice your client for your service. After we’ve received the payment, you’ll be sent a paycheck straight away and will transfer the amount to your account in accordance with your preferred conditions within two working days. At the end of the year, we’ll send you a clear annual tax summary. This is truly worry-free freelancing.

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