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Freelancing without the fuss

Freelancing without the complex administrative tasks and complicated contracts? With, everyone can work as a freelancer or an entrepreneur, whether on a fixed basis or for a one-off freelance job. Work on assignments whenever you want, for whomever you want, without requiring a KvK registration or having to worry about complying with the DBA Act. We are your personal payroll administration department, giving you the opportunity to plan for future stability in case of sickness, or to save up holiday pay. You’ll no longer have to keep an eye on changing rules and regulations, so you can focus on what you do best: business.

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Freelancing via

It’s possible to start working and invoicing as a self-employed professional without having to register with the Chamber of Commerce. If you agree to be remunerated via, we’ll put you on our payroll as a freelancer. You will be in complete control of how you are remunerated, letting you fine-tune the balance between income and security. Save up, insure, or plan your pension. It’s all up to you. Find out how works here:

  1. Online registration only takes 2 minutes

    Doing business through :name is easy. Sign up for a free, non-binding account on our website. Our simple allocation module lets you specify the conditions under which you want to be remunerated. You’ll see your net pay straight away, whilst also being able to save up your holiday pay, secure financial stability in case of sickness, or plan your pension. These remuneration conditions are flexible and can be adjusted online afterwards.

  2. Creating invoices without KvK registration

    Freelancers working with :name have their own account on our portal, which gives you an overview of all your current activities. Add your client to your account to record your mutual agreements online with our digital model agreement. You can then use our system to send an invoice for your services and claim your expenses in line with what you agreed.

  3. Paid within 2 working days

    After the invoice has been paid, we’ll generate a paycheck on the basis of your preferences. This lets you save up money and take out insurance on what you consider important. We’ll pay you the net amount within two working days. after deducting income tax and your contribution to the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zvw). This will help you avoid nasty surprises when filing your income tax returns. At the end of the year, we’ll send you a clear annual tax summary.

Securities of

:name was founded in 2011 for freelancers who don’t want to worry about administrative tasks and uncertainty. Our online environment functions as your personal payroll administration, and it’s available 24/7. This means you don’t have to delve into the complicated, ever-changing rules and regulations for self-employed professionals. We’ve listed all the benefits here:

Freelancer zonder KvK

Freelancer without KvK registration

We’ll put you on our payroll as a freelancer, but you can work according to your preferred conditions. No need to register with the KvK. This helps you avoid registration costs and means you won’t be bound by the conditions set by the Chamber of Commerce.

Flexibele arbeidsvoorwaarden

Flexible remuneration

Pick your preferred remuneration conditions; holiday pay, holiday leave, end-of-year bonus, or 13th salary. You can also indicate which measures you want to include for future security and stability, such as sick pay, occupational disability insurance, or pension planning.

Snelle betaling

Fast and easy payments

After the client has paid your invoice, we’ll pay you the net amount within 2 working days, giving you quick access to your earnings. On top of that, we’ll send you a monthly paycheck, as well as a clear annual tax summary.


Claiming expenses

In addition to invoicing, you can also use our platform to claim your expenses. Claim all your expenses online along with your invoices. We will then pay out the full amount, tax-free.



The DBA Act (Employment Relationship Deregulation Act) was introduced to combat false self-employment. For clients, :name can guarantee 100% protection against fines and additional charges.

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Highest pay guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll end up with the highest income possible if you choose to be remunerated by us. Have you received a better offer elsewhere? Contact us and we’ll make up the difference!

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Model agreement for self-employed professionals

Our online model agreement lets you record all agreements you make with your clients, guaranteeing full certainty and security for all parties involved.

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By now, 5,000 freelancers have joined the platform, to whom we’ve made well over 30,000 payments. Freelancing via gives you entrepreneurial freedom. Interested in what can do for you? Contact us