As has been said, incapacity for work is a risk that we say is disproportionate to the costs involved. The lowest level of insured pay is when you only insure accident insurance. In collaboration with Reaal, we offer affordable accident insurance that pays one-off in the event of permanent incapacity or death. In this way, you can insure part of your loss of income or take away part of the worries of your relatives.

What is insured:

  • permanent incapacity as a result of an accident
  • death as a result of an accident
  • children's benefit
  • costs for hospitalisation
  • plastic surgery (if mutilation was caused by an insured accident)

What is not insured:

  • practicing a sport for which you are paid
  • an accident caused by the following amateur sports: mountaineering, bobsledding, boxing, jumping, hang-gliding, ice hockey, ice sailing, parachuting, parasailing, rugby, ski jumping, ski flying, wrestling and other sports with the same type of increased risk
  • taking part in or training for speed races or record rides. For example with motor vehicles, go-karts, horses, bicycles, boats or other vessels on the water.
  • accidents that happen intentionally or with your consent, your heirs or an assignee...
  • fights and daredevils if you are over 18 years old

Package 1 Package 2
Benefit in the event of incapacity for work €100.000 €200.000
Death benefit €50.000 €100.000
Cost per year €100 €200

Policy conditions