As a self-employed person, you can take care of the risk of illness or an accident in various ways. An insurance for incapacity for work is often very expensive. AOVProfs is a reliable alternative and offers an incapacity benefit for and by all self-employed people in the Netherlands.

  • Deposit € 175 per month / 2 year-long donation of € 2150 net per month
  • Deposit € 375 per month / 5 year-long donation of € 2350 net per month
  • Anyone can participate
  • The money remains yours

Incapacity for work

If you are at risk of becoming ill for more than two months, please contact AOVProfs and explain what is going on with you and who you are receiving treatment from. This is up to you. We will register you for the monthly donation and keep in regular contact with you. It is possible that the occupational health and safety service will invite you for a consultation. You are fully incapacitated for work if you are between 75 and 100 percent ill. You will then receive 100 percent of the variant you have chosen.


You pay a one-off registration fee of € 125 and a monthly fee of € 25 for administration and occupational health and safety services. As mentioned above, there are two variants with a waiting period of 2 months:

1) You pay € 150 net per month of deposit for a benefit of € 2150 net and a benefit period of up to 2 years.
2) You pay € 350 net per month of deposit for a benefit of € 2350 net and a benefit period of up to 5 years. If you are 60 years of age or older at the time of your illness, you will receive a benefit up to the AOW retirement age.


AOVProfs uses a notice period of 2 months. If you have received a benefit, you can only terminate if the membership has lasted 2 years or more. If your participation in AOVProfs is terminated, you will receive a transfer of the remaining balance to your account after settlement of the obligations. The money you deposit will remain yours!