Stress-free work on your assignments. Your taxes, administration, payments and securities are well taken care of for you and your client when you use Verloning.nl. We work transparently so that you can see exactly what you have chosen and what happens to your income.

Wage tax and social security contributions

In order to avoid any surprises in your income tax return, we ensure that all mandatory taxes are paid. You will then receive a net payment. We do this by entering into an employment contract with you. This way we can offer various services that you like! More about taxes and freelancing can be found here.

Assured of good remuneration

You're in charge

You determine under what conditions remuneration happens and how you want to be insured, now and in the future.

Social security

If you work, you are normally insured by social insurance through the UWV as equivalent within a fictitious employment. You are then insured against unemployment and incapacity for work.

Saving and retirement as a freelancer

Saving is something that few freelancers think about but saving for the rainy day can be very useful for unexpected events, such as a washing machine that breaks down and to insure for short absences due to illness. If you want to save for the long term, the Brand New Day annuity products offer the best solution to save for your pension.

Insurance and security

When working as a freelancer, it can be important to insure certain risks better than others. For example, we offer excellent insurance against business liability or accidents, by using our model agreement, you work in accordance with the DBA Act and both of you have the certainty that everything has been managed properly.

Good arrangement

Always make good arrangements with your client. We will be happy to help you with this with our model agreement. Door gebruik te maken van onze modelovereenkomst werk je volgens de wet DBA en hebben jullie beide de zekerheid dat alles goed geregeld is.

Incapacity for work

Working at one's own expense and risk can be scary. With us, you can easily insure yourself against illness and incapacity for work. If you are dependent on your income (up to 12,000 per year and before the retirement age) and are not socially insured, we consider incapacity for work so important that we insure incapacity for work for you in a way that suits you.

  • Incapacity for work via an insurer
  • Incapacity for work insured in the event of an accident

Customer satisfaction

A service is not a service if we do not meet your needs as a freelancer. That's why your opinion and feedback are so important to us. We want you to do what you do best and we will do the rest. Meanwhile 13.931 freelancers have preceded you. Are you curious about what they say about us...

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