Via Verloning.nl we offer you a party for an annuity scheme. This is often referred to as the 'ZZP pension'. We make it very simple for you, because we deduct the money from your net salary and pay it directly to your pension providers. We have selected a specialists for you: Brand New Day.

How expensive is a freelance pension scheme?

A pension scheme doesn't have to be expensive, because you decide! You save a fixed percentage or a net amount per salary. You do not have to pay tax on the net amount you save. You do this with your personal income tax return.

The game rules

There are rules to this advantage and we are happy to explain them to you. Because the tax authorities make it more fun for you, of course.

Freelance retirement


You save a net percentage or a fixed amount each month and ask the tax authorities for a refund afterwards. With an annuity, however, the money remains yours, which is often not the case with a pension scheme.


The money is in a blocked account for the purpose of using it to supplement your retirement income when you reach retirement age. In an emergency you can still withdraw it, but this is certainly not interesting from a tax perspective.

Annual margin

The tax authorities contribute to your pension, the amount is your annual margin. You can decide yourself how much you invest. You can use your annual margin up to 7 years ago. You can calculate this on the links below.


Every month we automatically deduct your pension contribution from the amount to be paid out. Of course you can always deposit extra if your annual allowance permits. You give us explicit permission when you choose this.


When you retire, you have saved a considerable amount and you can determine yourself who will pay this to you every month. The person withholds the wage tax that is lower for pensioners. That is why it is wise to save now for later!

Sign Up

Registration is very simple, by ticking "pension" under agreements and paying the one-off fee. We manage it for you. Because we think it is important that you save your pension, we pay the annual allowance for you as long as you allow us to pay you!

Brand New Day
Closing fee 0
Annual fee** 0
Deposit costs 0,5%
Management costs 0,25%
Periodic investment Percentage

* Management costs, e.g. recalculation
** As long as you receive periodic remuneration from Verloning.nl, we will pay the annual fee for you. Depending on the provider, you will receive the remuneration tax-free from us.

Below you will find a simple overview of their services. Also view their websites for more information; www.brandnewday.nl.

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